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With so many to choose from...why choose Safari Embassy?

Africa is our home. We were born here. We grew up here. We’ve lived and worked here our entire lives. We know this place. We know the camps, the people, the animals… it’s all we’ve ever known. Going out on safari and looking for animals… it’s a game, a game we’ve been playing since childhood. We know it well.

Only the best. The best destinations, the best camps, the best service, but most of all… the best guides. We pride ourselves on our team of guides and have every confidence in their ability to deliver the best possible experience, to mould and shape your safari and make it everything you ever dreamed it could be. We know that they are the ones who make or break the trip, which is why we chose the very best that we know. These are guys we’ve worked with for years, with impressive reputations in the safari industry. We’re proud of them, and we trust them to look after you. Exceptional guiding, paired with a team of experts who know what they’re talking about… that’s why us.

Twenty four seven. From the moment you pick up that phone, to when you step off that plane, into that boat, off that safari vehicle and back off the plane in your home country… we’ll be there, in communication with the camps you’re at and the people we’ve put our trust in to look after you. Our guiding starts from the very first conversation we have, not just out on game drive. We’ll be there to support you, inform you, answer any questions you may have and help you make the right choices.

The personal touch. We absolutely know that’s what makes the difference. We know that no two people are the same, no two people have the same expectations and needs and that’s why with us… no two trips will ever be the same. We tailor make each safari to suit our individual clients, by finding out more about them, who they are, what they like, what they don’t and what they expect. Nothing is ever too much to ask, and there’s no length we won’t go to. We don’t belive in “package tours”. We’re about individuality and a personalised experience