Zambia Wildlife Safari Tour


Relatively unexplorerd, Zambia truly is one of Africa’s last true remaining wilderness areas. Often described as the “connoisseur’s choice”, with its abundant wildlife and varied terrain. Zambia is renowned for its prolific bird life, large predator numbers and adventurous walking safaris and is also famed for having some of the best guides in Africa, thanks to their very stringent guiding exams. Zambia harks back to the times of orginal, intrepid safaris offering the best walking safari experiences in Africa.

Whilst many people may visit just to see the iconic Victoria Falls, Zambia has so much more to offer. It’s somewhat off the main stream safari circuit, relatively non-commericial, offering simple, down to earth, yet very high quality camps where emphasis is placed on creating unforgettable experiences. The Luangwa valley, both North and South Luangwa, is very well known and home to some of the most immaculately run walking operations in the whole of Africa. Also known for its high leopard numbers, Zambia really is one of our favourite safari destination. The wetlands of the Lower Zambezi National Park are well worth a visit, as are the huge, remote open plains of Kafue.