Namibia Safari Tour



Namibia safari tours have something entirely different and unique to offer, it’s in a safari league of its own, one might say. Namibia is home to one of the oldest and most spectacular deserts on earth, its big sky country full of breathtaking, dramatic scenery and the fascinating culture of the Hama tribes. The environment is harsh and untamed, yet breathtakingly beautiful at the same time, it’s like nothing you will have ever seen before. While the game viewing in Etosha National Park and the Caprivi Strip is good, it’s best combined with some time spent in the desert, exploring the majestic, bright orange Sossusvlei Dunes, the magical Kunene, Damaraland and the Skeleton Coast, for it is there, in the wide open spaces that the true beauty of Namibia lies. Namibia is home to increasing populations of the white and the black rhino as well as the elusive desert elephant and plenty other fascinating species that have adapted to the harsh desert environment.

There are a number of excellent camps and lodges hidden away in these remote and isolated regions, providing guests with little havens of comfort and serenity and a base from which to explore this magnificent country. Namibia Safari tours also has a fairly decent infrastructure with destinations that are easy to access; make it ideal for self-drive safaris and a great option for the more independent, intrepid traveler too.