Planning A Safari In Botswana? Then Read This First

Going on an African safari is the ultimate dream for any traveler, and Botswana in southern Africa is one of the best countries for it. But before you look for a good travel agency in Botswana, here are some essential things to know about the country and what kind of safari trip you can have there. 

First, this is one African country where you can book a safari throughout the year. Each season has a unique identity and fun; for example, during the rainy seasons, you can ride the traditional water canoe called Mokoro, which you can’t do in other seasons. The sparse vegetation during the winter makes it easier to spot wildlife, while in summer, you can see animal herds and plenty of birds. The best season is between July and October; if you want to go on a budget, November to February are lean months with hotels and safari in Botswana tours offering good discounts and deals.

Second, if you are constrained by time and have limited days for your holiday, it is best to pinpoint which part of the country you would like to have your safari tour in. Each of the reserved forests and national parks has its charm and ecosystem. For example, if you are looking for a luxury safari holiday and go on a mokoro tour, Okavango Delta is the best spot for you. Central Kalahari Game Reserve should be your destination if you like to see open grassland with herds of animals and lions. For one of its beauty and to interact with one of the last remaining hunter-gatherer tribes in the world, you have to visit Makgadikgadi salt pans, where you can meet the San people, also known as Bushmen. 

Third, when booking your safari trip, talk with your travel agents in Botswana regarding the things included in the package and what are not. Tipping is a culture here; of course, this won’t be included in your safari package. So, carry cash with you in local currency for that.

Lastly, ensure your vaccination is up to date before you depart for your holiday. Malaria is frequent in this part of the world, so carrying anti-malaria medication and mosquito repellents is a good choice. 

So, these are some essential things you need to know before planning a safari trip to Botswana.