Privately Guided vs Independent Safari

Have one of our specialist guides join you on your safari, or travel independently..

A privately guided safari would typically be led by Kane, or one of his carefully chosen, specialist safari guides. Your guide would be with you from start to finish: meeting you at the airport and with you every moment of your safari. They’ll be out with you on game drives, sharing stories with you around the camp fire at night and working with the teams at the various camps and lodges you’re at to make sure that everything runs smoothly and you are being given the best they have to offer. A private guide adds a whole new dimension to your safari, maximising your time out in the bush and sharing his wealth of knowlege, his culture and his passion for the environment with you.

We know for a fact that it is your guide who can make or break your safari, and while we cannot always guarentee the kind of guide you will get in camp, we can absolutely guarantee that when we send you with one of our Safari Embassy guides, that you are with one of the most confident, knowledgeable, fun, and reliable guides in Africa. We have chosen the very best and can rest assured knowing that you are safe in their hands and that they have your very best interests at heart.