Travel To Botswana For A Safari Vacation With Safari Embassy

Botswana is called the jewel of Southern Africa. Its diverse ecosystems, extraordinary wildlife viewing opportunities and its friendly nature is what make it memorable for the tourists on the Botswana Safari. However, before going on Botswana Safari, it is quite important to prepare well before with the help of a Travel agent.

There are a number of travel agents in Botswana who promise to make the best preparations for you. But it is important to hire an agent who belongs to the destination you are going to explore on a Safari and who better than the Safari Embassy to guide and prepare you the best way on a Botswana Safari.
From a Serengeti safari, a beach holiday in the Seychelles or to track with bushmen in Botswana, Safari Embassy offers the best service to suit all needs and requirements of the travelers. With the best team of guides, Safari Embassy delivers the best possible experience, to mold and shape your safari and make it everything you ever dreamed it could be.A land of wild tablelands, verdant grasslands, arid salt pans, and the mighty Kalahari Desert, Botswana safari is considered one of the best in Southern Africa.With numerous parks and reserves, a Botswana safari is a natural choice for wildlife enthusiasts. If it’s the Africa of nature shows you’re looking for, this is the place.Wildebeest and antelope roam Botswana’s savannas, while the world’s largest inland delta, the Okavango is home to everything from elephants to zebra and more birds you can ever think of.

From parched deserts to flourishing waterways, grassy savannah to eerie wilderness, Botswana is a land of dramatic contrast and incredible beauty showing wild Africa at its finest. The Okavango Delta, the world’s largest inland delta, is a watery haven home to an abundance of mammals and birds whilst the great Kalahari Desert is a breathtaking expanse of burnt orange sand dunes punctuated by lone grassy shrubs. The other highlights on a Botswana Safari include the Makgadikgai salt pans, emerald floodplains of the Chobe National Park. So, go on a Botswana Safari and discover the shining star of Africa.