Secret Tips To Spot More Wildlife During The Safari

Do you feel the hills and beaches are over rated and you want to go some new places? Then wildlife is the right place for you. You will love the natural beauty of the nature, explore the wildlife in safari and enjoy the quite music of jungle. So, this is the right time to book your jungle visit with Botswana Wildlife Safari Tour Agency this year. If you are sceptical about your scope of animal sighting, then check out the following tips that will help you to increase your chance for wildlife spotting.

1-  Know the right Season: To visit any jungle, you need to know the right ti Generally, the dry season of January to March is considered as the best time to visit the animals. Most of the animals come to the water point to quench their thrust. And this is the right time to watch them. You can also ask the Wildlife Safari Tour Agency Maun know about the right season before your booking. The water spots are crowded with different wild animals. Moreover, the fauna of the jungle becomes thin at that time and the visibility increases.

2-  Know the Right Time: Wild animals not always roam around. With the scorching sun; most of the animals return back to dwelling to take rest. The Botswana Wildlife Safari Tour Agency prefers to arrange their tours during dusk or end of the dawn as most of the animals and birds stay active at that time. However, if you like to see reptiles and crocodiles, then select the midday as your tour time.

3-  Know the right Spots: Most of the wild animals have their preferred zones. Apart from that the water bodies in the jungle are their favourite spots. The Wildlife Safari Tour Agency Maun can suggest you about the location. If you are looking for leopard, then you must know the type of trees on which they take rest. You can also check for calling of other animals and birds and pug marks if you want to spot tigers.

4 –  Know the accessories: For a better view of the wild animals, you may need some accessories to carry with you. Binoculars are must to find the distance animals. Though all our phones have camera, taking some good quality camera with zoom ability is always a bliss. For birding, you can carry some books for identification as well.

Finally, we can say that visiting a jungle is not always about spotting animals. You can always enjoy the ambiance of the nature.