Safari Through Kenya and Namibia on an African Adventure Tour

Safari trips in the Eastern African countries offer a mixture of wildlife and breath-taking landscapes, luxurious and unusual camps and lodges as well as the self-drive trips at a very reasonable price. Before making any decisions you must know about the prominent locations to visit in East Africa. So, if you are planning to visit the continent the two most visited safari destinations are Kenya and Namibia and Safari Embassy plans the luxurious yet affordable safari trips for you in these two destinations.

While the Safari trips in Kenya offers close encounters with a variety of wildlife in amazing landscapes, the Namibia Safari Tours offer highest cheetah population, good numbers of leopards, plenty of black rhino and many endemic species along with stunning scenery making a fantastic backdrop for wildlife safaris. But you don’t need to think about paying too much to go on a Safari trip in Kenya or Namibia as making all these possible at an affordable pricing is what Safari Embassy is known for.

The wide range of habitats, from lush grasslands, to river in forests, to moorlands and semi-deserts, accounts for the variety of wildlife offered on the Safari Trips in Kenya. This also means that there is a huge range of choice for your wildlife safari trip. The best wildlife safari destinations in Kenya, like Masai Mara National Reserve or Samburu, are very popular. Many wildlife safaris in Kenya are basically the fly-in trips, and staying at small to medium-size safari camps consisting of either luxury tents with built-in bathrooms or imaginative open-air rooms.


Talking about the Namibia Safari Tours, the best wildlife safaris in Namibia are in Etosha National Park especially for big game. Around the numerous waterholes huge herds of lion, elephant, zebra and antelope as well as leopard, cheetah and black and white rhino can be seen amidst some of Africa’s most startling and photogenic safari scenery. Private guest farms like Okonjima and the vast wilderness areas in the northwest offer the best on Namibia Safari Tours. Thus, especially for the first timers on safari in Africa, Kenya and Namibia Safari Tours will be an ideal combination of beauty and wildlife.