Safari Embassy: Planning the Best Wildlife Safari in South Africa for You

A safari in the African continent is the dream of many travel enthusiasts but the number of people who actually fulfill the dream of experiencing the African Safari Adventures is quite less. However, converting this dream of travellers into reality is Safari Embassy that plans the best wildlife safari in South Africa. Popular for planning the Botswana Safari including the Safari Trips in Kenya, Safari Embassy is known to be the best among the travel agents in Botswana.

The Safari Trips in Kenya is considered to be one of the best destinations in Africa. Kenya’s wildlife along with its variety of landscapes and rich culture has long been the country’s major draw for tourists. Kenya is the country where the word ‘Safari’ actually comes from. Safari in Swahili means Journey. Close encounters with a variety of wildlife in breath-taking landscapes, luxurious and unusual camps and lodges and the fascinating culture of Kenyan tribes bring the country top of many lists for the best wildlife safaris in Africa. Many wildlife safaris in Kenya are fly-in trips, based around hops in light aircraft out of Nairobi and staying at small to medium-size safari camps. These camps usually consist of either luxury tents with built-in bathrooms or imaginative open-air rooms adding to the African Safari Adventures in Kenya.

Located at Botswana, Safari Embassy has been a pro in planning the Botswana Safari for you. The vast reserves at Botswana are usually un-fenced, so the wildlife runs free between them. However, many areas being private, guarantee truly exclusive wildlife safaris. Whatever wildlife you seek, Botswana’s well-designed safari lodges offer luxury and exclusivity. Whether you’re watching lions stalk their prey, or taking a magical mokoro trip along narrow, reed-lined channels, you’re likely to see few other visitors. The birdlife can be spectacular and a wildlife safari here rarely disappoints.

However, there are a number of Travel Agents in Botswana, but the advantage Safari Embassy has is their highly affordable safari packages and them being locally from the place itself. So, to plan your Best wildlife safari in South Africa, do give a call to Safari Embassy and experience the best you can.

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