Have a Look at the Ultimate Checklist Before Going to a Wildlife Safari

Going for a safari entails that you have to pack light. It is because your bag will probably be pushed, pulled, and squashed in all sorts of ways to fit into the light aircraft and on the back of a safari vehicle. However, agencies like Travel agencies in Botswana will guide you on everything before the safari! Therefore, you should always carry a small, lightweight duffel bag of not more than 20 kg.

Often you might feel intimidated to pack for a safari. Especially if you are a newbie, you might feel confused regarding the essentials that you need to carry. So to lessen your confusion, we have provided a list of everything you need to carry for your wildlife safari.

What Are The Must-Haves You Need To Carry For Your Wildlife Safari Trip?

In this article, we have summarized a list of all those items you need to have in your bag. For instance, if you are traveling with a travel agency in Botswana, they will provide you with a list of items you need to carry. Here we present our ultimate packing checklist for your safari:

Earth Toned Clothes

If you are off on a wildlife safari for the first time, make sure you take clothes in which dirt blends. Therefore, go for lightweight, moisture-wicking materials, and think of natural colors like olive, tan, khaki, etc.

Comfortable Shoes

Always remember that sturdy shoes are highly important when you are off on a safari. However, that must be comfortable as well. So, sturdy hiking shoes will be alright instead of obsessing over commando boots.

Crushable Safari Hat With Cord

It is one thing that falls under the top priority list. So pick a hat you can smash into your luggage and anchor onto your head. Therefore, a hat with a cord is necessary.


As you know, safaris are vast landscapes teeming with world-class wildlife, and their drama can sometimes unfold at the horizon. So your binoculars can heighten the experience to a great extent. If you book your trip with a wildlife safari and travel agency, you can ask the travel agents for any specifications regarding binoculars.


With light and shadows constantly changing in jungles, ensure you get good sunglasses. However, be careful not to lose them as it is impossible to find a new one there.

So if you are about to go for a wildlife safari trip, you can contact us at Safari Embassy. We stand to provide the best safari services to our customers. We ensure they enjoy their trip and have a safe trip.