Experience The Best Photographic Safaris in Africa With Safari Embassy

The African Safari tours are not only famous for their flora, fauna and adventures but also to their Photographic safaris make them memorable for a lifetime. The photos keep that experience alive and unforgettable in your lives. While there are numerous destination options for the travelers in the African continent but to experience the best photographic safaris, you must either go on Kruger National park safari or Okavango Delta safari. And who better than Safari Embassy to ensure the best pleasure, luxury and adventure combination for you.

Located in the northeast part of the country, Kruger National Park is quite a famous safari destination in the African continent.It’s almost 20,000 square kilometers and bordered by Zimbabwe to the North and Mozambique to the East.Your love for the wildlife will reach a new high at the Kruger National Park.Kruger is home to an impressive number of species, 336 trees, 49 fish, 34 amphibians, 114 reptiles, 507 birds and 147 mammals. What else do you need for an amazing photographic safari?Even if you are going on the Kruger National safari for the first time, Safari Embassy would definitely give you a better experience as you would be able to enjoy game drives on an open safari vehicle with their skilled and experienced guide in a limited budget.

Another popular photographic safari destination in the continent is Botswana that comprises of the most popular Okavango delta.Going on Okavango delta safari is basically exploring a massive inland floodplain that fans out across Northwestern Botswana. The massive swath of earth that is the Okavango Delta is a mix of land, marsh, water, and sand. Landscapes here change in meters and not hundreds of kilometers and with Safari Embassy you get to experience the perfect blend of beauty of nature and wildlife at its best.

Safari Embassy specializes in adventurous and photographic safaris with numerous safari options such as combo safaris, self-drive safaris, a guided, open vehicle safari, closed-vehicle tours, safari at a smaller, private, fenced game reserve, safari at private game reserves as well as organizing safari at a private concession within Kruger National Park. Which means you can choose from the most luxurious, most adventurous safari options according to your budget with Safari Embassy.

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