Experience African Safari Tours More Than Sight Seeing With Safari Embassy

Experiencing the best wildlife safari in South Africa is not about visiting any destination only. It is about the experiences you get while your African safari tour.Irrespective of any location, the most important thing to decide is your travel company that will make your travelling experience worth.Like there are numerous destination options in African safari tours, similarly there is N number of travel companies promising you the best of African safari adventures. However, the proven best safari experience formula stays with the best one, the Safari Embassy.

The Southern part of Africa is a vast, tourist and travel-friendly region comprising of 9 countries, namely: South Africa, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana,Lesotho, Mozambique, Zambia and Malawi, with Angola showing its colors as an upcoming travel destination. From the dry Namib Desert, the oldest in the world, across to the tropical coastline of Mozambique, and up to the hidden waterways of the Okavango, or Lake Malawi; Southern Africa offers multiple diversified travel options, activities, and adventures, to any sort of traveler. And if you have so much to see, who wouldn’t want to experience it?

Safari Embassy creates custom Wildlife and Adventure Safaris for its clients. Go on African safari tour with Safari Embassy and experience the ultimate in attention to detail, responsiveness and care.For travelers who want to feel connected to the earth under their feet, nothing compares to a walking safari or hiking African safari adventure with a Safari Embassy guide. With trained guides leading the way, you’ll experience sightings of wildlife in a whole new way, and will also be able to see the smaller things that make the African safari tour more special and exciting.

The nature has truly blessed South Africa when it comes to sheer, untamed beauty. Rugged mountains, torrenting waterfalls, arid and vast deserts, shimmering lakes, marsh-like jungles, huge wetlands and never-ending coastlines, all these make you truly spoilt for choice when it comes to visiting this country. Therefore, to explore the vast and diversified beauty of nature you must plan you African safari tour with a travel company like Safari Embassy with a team as enthusiastic as the African safari adventure tour sounds to a traveler.