A Brave Little Honey Badger


A honey badger was able to fight off a pride of lions and escape despite being trapped in one of the big cat’s jaws during the struggle.
The fearless mustelid held its ground and didn’t give an inch when the lions began circling it at the Selinda Reserve in Northern Botswana, thinking they had found an easy meal.
While fending off the lions the badger cunningly led the animals more than 300 feet away to a small hole which it was then able to squeeze into and escape.
Safari guide Kane Motswana, 35, captured the fight unfolding and explained that initially eight lions – four adult lionesses and four young males – were involved.
He said: ‘The older, wiser females knew this would be a futile battle with this feisty little honey badger and backed off.

‘But the inexperience of the young males showed as they continued to pursue him.’
Mr Motswana said the outnumbered badger was ‘very smart indeed’ to hold off its attackers while also plotting its escape.

He said: ‘The honey badger was fortunate enough to escape the jaws of the lions as he very cunningly drove them towards a hole where he knew he could run into for protection.’Mr Motswana said the badger was so fast ‘clambering into the hole it took us by surprise’.Despite working in ‘the bush my entire life’ Mr Motswana said the fight isn’t something he will soon forget. ‘This was certainly a unique sighting, packed with action. I would put it up there on my top ten list of sightings.’

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