Why Visit Chobe National Park In Botswana

Chobe national park is considered to be Africa’s Elephant Paradise. Hence, if there is one memory that you will be taking away from your trip to the Chobe national park, it is that of the elephants. Sources have revealed that about 120,000 elephants live in and around the Chobe National Park. Moreover, they can be seen crowding the banks of the Chobe River in large numbers in the dry season, starting from May to October. So, you will be able to see the gentle giants in all their glory. However, there are many other reasons you should visit the Chobe National Park.

Reasons to Hire the Travel Agency in Botswana to Visit Chobe National Park:

Chobe is considered one of the best places in Africa that you should start the trip with. Apart from the elephants, you can witness the gloriousness of the lips. It is the Savuti region where the lions regularly clash with hyenas. Not only that, but here you may witness the biggest showdown between the buffalo, giraffe, and whatnot.

1. Chobe National Park is as big as Northern Ireland. That is why it is considered the haven for the biggest elephant population on the planet. So, a holiday in the Chobe will offer you an unspoiled environment. Moreover, the environment will support massive herds of elephants and multiple buffalo. The combination is pretty much unrivaled.

2. In the North-Eastern Park sector, you will find a game lodge. The game lodge is said to be fully eco-certified. Hence, it is said to be a luxurious safari lodge where you can see the beauty of the Chobe rivers in all their rawness. You can experience the unique game viewing with the fleet of electric vehicles and boats.

3. Chobe National Park is considered to be Botswana’s most biologically diverse park. Here you will get the chance to encounter huge herds of buffalo and elephants. Along with that, you can see the predators like lions, wild dogs, hyenas, jackals, and leopards, all in their glory. So, you can assume that it will simply be a trip of a lifetime.

One of the best places worth traveling to Botswana is the elephant valley lodge and the Chobe River. So, if you want to experience the natural habitat of the bug giants, you must contact the Safari Embassy. It is a travel agency in Botswana. They will easily provide you with multiple tour packages based on the places you want to visit. Moreover, the cost-effectiveness of the tour would double the fun.