When’s the best time of the year to go on safari?

A “best” time of year might be a personal preference, but most people do tend to avoid visiting in the rainy season and opt for the more favourable, more reliabel dry season, avoiding heavy downpours and even floods. The dry season tends to be better for animal viewing too, as animals often migrate and congregate around steady, predictable water sources. The grass is lense dense and more sparse, allowing for animals to be better seen than in the summer, rainy months when grass and bush is much thicker.

Coming here is a costly endeavour, which is why it’s important to really give yourself the best possible chance of having great weather conditions and maximising your time here. The seasons vary in different countries, so it’s best to check with us where you’re going, and what kind of weather to expect before you go, so you can pack accordingly and be guaranteed the best wildlife experience