An Incredible Encounter

This is the moment a brave antelope dived into a hippo-infested lagoon to escape a pack of wild dogs who were determined to eat him for breakfast. The male waterbuck-lechwe hybrid was being chased by a pack of 24 wild dogs at sunrise when he made a dash for the…

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A Brave Little Honey Badger

A honey badger was able to fight off a pride of lions and escape despite being trapped in one of the big cat’s jaws during the struggle. The fearless mustelid held its ground and didn’t give an inch when the lions began circling it at the Selinda Reserve in Northern…

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Lion vs Buffalo

Three weeks ago, I was on a ten day mobile camping trip in the Khwai/Moremi area for four nights and then off to Savute Marsh for three nights, finishing off Ihaha in Chobe National Park. The trip was full of incredible sightings and excitement. We saw a total of 8…

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