Botswana is called the jewel of Southern Africa. Its diverse ecosystems, extraordinary wildlife viewing opportunities and its friendly nature is what make it memorable for the tourists on the Botswana Safari. However, before going on Botswana Safari, it is quite important to prepare well before with the help of a Travel agent. There are a number of travel agents in Botswana who promise to ma... Continoue Reading

Safari trips in the Eastern African countries offer a mixture of wildlife and breath-taking landscapes, luxurious and unusual camps and lodges as well as the self-drive trips at a very reasonable price. Before making any decisions you must know about the prominent locations to visit in East Africa. So, if you are planning to visit the continent the two most visited safari destinations are Kenya... Continoue Reading

Botswana Safari, the leader in low-impact upmarket tourism promotes a true wilderness experience in this unspoiled country with its eco-friendly approach.  The low-density tourism and eco-friendly lodges with excellent wildlife viewing in Northern parks as well as the beautiful and diverse scenery of dry desert, saltpans, savannah grasslands and delta waterways make the Botswana Safari a real w... Continoue Reading

A safari in the African continent is the dream of many travel enthusiasts but the number of people who actually fulfill the dream of experiencing the African Safari Adventures is quite less. However, converting this dream of travellers into reality is Safari Embassy that plans the best wildlife safari in South Africa. Popular for planning the Botswana Safari including the Safari Trips in Kenya,... Continoue Reading

c4e7f4_7a73f46076c1498b85823b955896a0e1 This is the moment a brave antelope dived into a hippo-infested lagoon to escape a pack of wild dogs who were determined to eat him for breakfast. The male waterbuck-le... Continoue Reading

brave-little A honey badger was able to fight off a pride of lions and escape despite being trapped in one of the big cat's jaws during the struggle. The fearless mustelid held its ground and didn't give an inch when the lions began c... Continoue Reading